Diana Layfield, CEO of Africa, Standard Chartered Bank: StanChart will open 13 branches in Africa in 2014 (Video)

Diana Layfield, CEO of Africa, Standard Chartered Bank

Bloomberg recently interviewed Diana Layfield, the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank’s Africa operations. During the interview Ms. Layfield said that StanChart opened 35 branches in Africa in 2013. She also mentioned that StanChart plans to open another 13 branches in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Zambia in 2014.

Bloomberg’s Eleni Giokos asked an interesting question about how the “likes of Nigeria and Kenya keep on experiencing frequent terrorist attacks”. Ms. Layfield responded by first acknowledging that such attacks are indeed tragic and distressful, while stating that the national governments of both countries need to continue to take steps around security.

However, the insightful part of Ms. Layfield’s response was when she stated: “There are number countries in the world that have had terror attacks over the years; and they include the UK, the US. In the long-term, those economies have proved resilient to those, as long as the governments follow the right path … Our belief in the medium-term and longer-term prospects for those economies isn’t diminished by that … The underlying strength of those economies is sustainable despite those attacks. So, from our perspective, that won’t affect our ambitions to expand in the countries. We still remain incredibly focused on growing our presence in both Nigeria and Kenya”.

Excellent and super-smart response by Diana Layfield.