Jason Njoku, iROKOtv, and Nollywood (Video)

Jason Njoku, iROKOtv, and Nollywood (VIDEO)
Nigeria’s movie industry, otherwise known as Nollywood, has witnessed a meteoric rise over the past twenty years. The industry is now worth $5.1B, following the rebasing of Nigeria’s economy.

Nollywood has a huge global-following, especially in Africa. Fifty Nollywood movies are released every week.

Startup iROKOtv, a video streaming platform, is rapidly changing the face of Nollywood. Jason Njoku founded iROKOtv about two and a half years ago. iROKOtv has grown to an organization with approximately 100 employees, with offices in Lagos, London, New York, and Johannesburg. The company boasts viewers in 178 countries.