German tech incubator Rocket Internet, one of the parent companies of Africa Internet Group (AIG), plans 2014 IPO

Rocket Internet is planning an initial public offering that could value the technology incubator at around €5 billion, or roughly $6.5 billion.

Berlin-based Rocket Internet, started by Oliver Samwer, is a cross between a venture capital fund and a consulting firm that fosters startups. It focuses on transplanting successful e-commerce models, such as online retail, food delivery and payment systems, to emerging economies including Nigeria, Indonesia and Argentina. It plans to raise €750 million in its IPO.

Africa Internet Group (“AIG”) is a leading Internet Group in Africa. Founded in 2012, it currently operates in 23 countries. Since inception, AIG has created 71 companies in 8 different verticals: online retail, food ordering platform, online marketplace, real estate marketplace, vehicle marketplace, taxi hailing, online travel agency and P2P lending marketplace.

Rocket owns 33% of AIG. The remaining co-owners of AIG are Millicom and MTN Group, each controlling a 33% stake in AIG.

AIG’s portfolio companies are: Jumia (General retail platform), Zando (Shoe and fashion retail platform), HelloFood (Food ordering platform), Kaymu (Online marketplace), Lamudi (Real estate marketplace), Carmudi (Automobile marketplace), EasyTaxi (Taxi booking app), Jovago (Hotel booking portal), and Lendico (P2P lending marketplace).

Rocket says it is the “leading emerging markets e-commerce platform, with a mission to become the largest Internet platform outside the United States and China.” The company plans to list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The IPO will consist solely of new shares from a capital increase and will use the most lenient reporting standard for financial disclosures. Rocket didn’t specify what percentage of shares will be offered.