We plan on listing 25,000 cars by the end of the year: Tomi Hodonu, General Manager, Cheki Nigeria & Ghana (Video)

Interview with Tomi Hodonu, General Manager for Nigeria, Cheki.com.ng
Tomi Hodonu, General Manager of cheki.com.ng, gives us a behind the scenes look at this fast growing online market place that brings car buyers directly to sellers at just the click of a button.

Since its inception in August 2011, cheki.com.ng has become a leader in online car sales in Nigeria, with an inventory of over 18,000 cars from both dealerships and private sellers across the country.

Tomi Hodonu tells us how Cheki is set to change the face of the car sales business.

Tomi Hodonu has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government (CLEG) from American University Washington D.C.

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