Kenya's blooming flower industry bounces back (Video)

Kenya’s blooming flower industry bounces back
In Kenya, agriculture makes up nearly a quarter of the economy and flower farming is particularly profitable.

Despite a temporary slump in the market, the flower industry generated $500M (£305M) in sales in 2013.

In previous years, the figures were much higher.

Kenya is now the third largest exporter of flowers in the world. 85% of Kenya’s flower exports go to Europe, mainly to FloraHolland in the Netherlands, which is the world’s largest showroom and shop floor for flower buyers.

Kenya’s flower industry has created more than 90,000 jobs in the country.

Elpis Farms, one of the players in Kenya’s flower industry, has successfully developed and currently operates Naivasha Flower Farm, a 60 acre floriculture farm located in Naivasha, Kenya’s prime floriculture area. Elpis Farms is now commencing development of a large scale floriculture farm, also in Kenya, in order to leverage management’s floriculture farm development and operational expertise as well as to benefit from economies of scale.

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