Introducing AfriTrade: Low-cost access to the Nigerian capital markets

AfriTrade is a low-cost, high-quality online investing platform for individuals who want to buy or sell Nigerian stocks.

What is AfriTrade?
AfriTrade is an online investing platform that connects you to the Nigerian capital markets via high-end Nigerian brokers. You can place orders using AfriTrade to buy and sell stocks, and your self-directed orders will receive the best possible execution.

Which financial products can I buy and sell using AfriTrade?
You can use AfriTrade to invest in publicly-traded companies and funds listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.

How does my AfriTrade account work with my bank account?
You can link your bank account with your AfriTrade account, which allows you to transfer funds between your bank account and your AfriTrade account. You can use these funds to buy and sell stocks.

How is AfriTrade similar to other Nigerian online brokerages?
AfriTrade is similar to other platforms in that you can buy and sell stocks using our tool.

How is AfriTrade different from other online investing platforms?
Firstly, AfriTrade is more affordable. We charge the lowest possible commissions and don’t require high minimum deposits. We can do this because we don’t have the costs associated with traditional brokerages, including storefront locations, lots of employees, and paper-based operations.

Secondly, we provide a better user experience and timely execution. We are dedicated to making your trading experience affordable and convenient. Our reduced costs, superior technology, and partnerships with high-end brokers allow us to provide you with the best possible trade execution.

How does AfriTrade make money?
AfriTrade will make money from commissions, premium accounts, and lead generation.

How much do I need to start investing?
NGN 10,000 (USD 60).

Source: AfriTrade — Low-cost access to the Nigerian capital markets