Is Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan really clueless?

Goodluck Jonathan, President of Nigeria

In addition to the clamor for ‘change’, the next big thing arrayed against Jonathan by his tormentors is the looming notion that he is a ‘clueless’ President. In whispering campaigns and in the open, those that purvey that theory continually reel out so many reasons to prove that the President is in fact clueless.

So, now let us, in seriatim, rehash some of those reasons and consider whether they can support the sing-song that Jonathan is a clueless President.

One, on the war against terrorists, they blame Jonathan for his studied approach, his proclivity for minimum use of force and his patience with some people that are speculated to be closet fundamentalists. Now, for us to determine whether that makes Jonathan clueless, it is only fair to compare and contrast him with how past Presidents handled terrorism or similar acts of violence by non-state actors. Beginning with Obasanjo, he handled his by leveling Zaki Biam and Odi; and in the rest of Niger Delta, he deployed quantum troops and war ordnance, as well as detaining a lot of militant leaders. Yet, till today, vast majorities of Nigerians and the international community still condemn Obasanjo for the excessive force he used in Odi and Zaki Biam.

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