Africa's opportunities far outweigh its risks: Runa Alam, Co-Founder & CEO, Development Partners International (DPI)

Runa Alam, CEO, Development Partners International (DPI)

Runa Alam is something of a private equity pioneer. Alam co-founded Development Partners International, which she calls the first pan-African private equity firm, in 2007.

London-based DPI’s clients now include the $9.3 billion Missouri State Employees’ Retirement System and International Finance Corp., the private sector development arm of the World Bank Group.

In a region where private equity general partners complain about a paucity of exit opportunities, DPI has managed eight initial public offerings and six corporate sales.

Alam, 55, a Bangladesh-born U.S. citizen who holds a BA in International and Developmental Economics from Princeton University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, decided early in her career to work in economic development from within the private sector. She set her sights on Africa in 1999, when she became a Washington-based director of American International Group’s AIG African Infrastructure Fund.

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