Tencent Backs Mobile Jobs Startup With Its First 'WeChat Africa' Investment

Tencent has made its first investment in Africa under the banner of its WeChat messaging service. WeChat Africa, a joint venture between Tencent and Naspers, announced an investment in M4JAM (Money For Jam), a South Africa-based mobile job service that connects to WeChat.

The service is much like the TaskRabbit of old, in so much that companies push “small” jobs out to the M4JAM’s community of users, who respond via their phone to apply/accept jobs. From the company’s website: “M4JAM is a solution that connects Brands who want to get jobs done to Jobbers who are able to complete the jobs using their mobile devices. Simply put – by breaking bigger jobs up into smaller jobs of 10 minutes or less, microjobbing is a win-win situation for Brands and Jobbers.”

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