South Africa's newest low-cost airline Skywise has pan-African ambitions

By the end of April, Skywise hopes to increase number of weekly flights from 28 to 52, and will also be looking at other routes over the next few months.

Skywise is now officially South Africa’s newest low-cost airline having started its scheduled daily flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg yesterday.

Originally the brainchild of the founders of the failed South African airline, 1time, Skywise was acquired by PAK Africa Aviation, the Middle Eastern-backed investment firm with a clear interest in the aviation industry. Pak Africa also reportedly has plans to resurrect the 1time name as a pan-African carrier in upcoming years, starting with domestic flights in Zimbabwe.

Skywise is the fourth new airline in the past two years targeting domestic flights. But according to PAK Africa’s CEO and co-chairperson of Skywise, Tabassum Qadir, there is more than enough demand for another low-cost carrier in the South African market.

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