Remi Sonaiya: Nigeria's first female presidential candidate done with 'cheerleading'

Nigerian presidential candidate Remi Sonaiya says “Women cannot keep on being cheerleaders in this country” (AFP Photo/Pius Utomi Ekpei)

The two main candidates for the governorship of Nigeria‘s Lagos state took to the stage, making a flurry of promises to the all-female audience at the select Cosmopolitan Women’s Club.

The men even pledged a 35 percent quota of women in the state government and initiatives on girls’ education.

But when Remi Sonaiya — the first woman running for president in Nigeria’s history — took the floor she did so to a round of applause that lasted several minutes.

“We have done enough of cheerleading,” she told some of Nigeria’s most influential businesswomen and company executives at the meeting on women’s participation in politics.

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