Looking South – Moving Forward: Fostering Development Collaboration within the Global South - Harvard will host 6th Annual African Development Conference (ADC) on April 3-4

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Harvard will host the 6th Annual African Development Conference (ADC) on April 3-4.

The event will assemble major players and stakeholders across the private sector, civil society, government and academia, to discuss how the rise of new powers have affected and will continue to affect cooperation between countries in Africa and with other major emerging global leaders such as China, India and Brazil and how these burgeoning relationships influence the partnerships with Europe and the U.S.

The conversation will be framed around two major themes: “Looking South” and “Moving Forward”. The discussion will be spearheaded by key players in the content’s most pressing issues from government leaders such as the President of Niger to business players such as partners at McKinsey & Co. and the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines.

Africa has commanded the attention of the world on a number of occasions over the past year. Countries in Africa have dominated the top ten list for fastest growing countries in the world, the middle class has tripled in the continent’s 10 biggest economies, cities are expanding rapidly, and with 60% of the world’s arable land, Africa is emerging as a major stakeholder in the global food security conversation.

These examples showcase the power of partnerships, with the continent often featured as the development hotspot of the ‘global South’. Until very recently however, the role of ‘intra-South’ collaboration and conversation on issues of development had been overshadowed by a focus on the North-South relationship.

South-South Cooperation is not a recent phenomenon, but it has undergone dramatic changes since the early 1970s, reflecting the geopolitical and geo-economic shifts the world has witnessed in the last decades. The cooperation has emerged not only as an economic trend, but also most importantly as a political lever.

This year’s African Development Conference at Harvard is a platform to discuss and debate Africa’s evolving network of development partners. The gathering aims to enhance partnerships between public and private sector actors that are rebranding and reshaping Africa in the international development arena. The conference will provide a structured environment in which to discuss how to support the continent’s emergence at a time when African countries increasingly look beyond their traditional partners in the West.

The conference is a space for discourse on fields as varied as law, government, technology, health, education, design and media. The Harvard African Development Conference is organized by a coalition of student groups from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Law School, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Graduate School of Design and Harvard College.

The African Development Conference at Harvard will ignite a vigorous conversation on the role South-South collaboration plays in Africa’s development and business objectives. It will also create a space for potential partners from multiple continents to meet with their African counterparts and discuss opportunities for deeper engagement.

The conference will produce a report of the proceedings, capturing the key participants’ contributions and ideas for Africa’s future growth and transformation. The report, a product of the African Development Conference at Harvard, will be transmitted to participating development institutions and the wider public through the conference’s website.

For more information, please visit: African Development Conference at Harvard