The world is remembering - and forgetting - the attack in Kenya that killed 148 students

Vigil in Nairobi, Kenya. Each cross stands for a victim. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

After the initial breaking news frenzy of the brutal Islamist attack that killed 148 students in Kenya, the coverage of the massacre in western media waned, as it often does when tragedy hits far from home.

Away from the headlines, however, people around the world have been gathering at vigils, honoring the 148 victims.

Hundreds of people attended a candle-light vigil in Nairobi, and 2,500 marched in Garissa itself, protesting against the Somali militants.

Elsewhere, fellow university students gathered to commemorate the murdered, their peers. Vigils were held in Belgium, Sweden, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and a number of American universities such as Boston University, Stanford or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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