I don't see Konga and Jumia as competition, I see them as enablers: Lola Olusola, Founder of Ella.ng

Lola Olusola, Founder, Ella.ng

Women nowadays are becoming more and more noticed for their exceptional success in the tangentially male dominated corporate world of global business and technology.

Women have shown the world how they are great business leaders, and how their approach to business is strikingly different from men, due to their unique skills and leadership approach.

Last week, I had the opportunity of talking to Lola Olusola, Founder of Ella. Ella was formerly called Ella Matthews, one of the startups funded by accelerator, 440.ng, in their first cohort. In this sit down, Lola and I chatted extensively about the opportunities, prospects and unique challenges of being a female founder of a growing startup in the ecommerce industry.

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