Africa's Standard Bank Seeks Speed Through Software Automation, DevOps

Josef Langerman, Standard Bank Group’s Head of Software Development and Maintenance

Standard Bank Group Ltd., Africa’s largest lender by assets, has offices all over the continent. While that might be good for business, it poses a problem for IT: all those systems communicate with the bank’s South African headquarters in a different way. That lack of consistency, paired with traditional software development and integration methods, has hampered growth and complicated compliance.

“We are three times slower than most American companies because of all this,” says Josef Langerman, the bank’s Head of Software Development and Maintenance.

To create uniformity among its integration tools, Standard plans to automate configuration management, the process that helps companies track and control changes to their hardware and software. It is doing so as part of a larger effort by the bank to adopt DevOps, a software development philosophy that promotes close collaboration between software engineers and product deployment operations staff. In Standard’s case, that also includes bringing together architecture and integration teams.

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