Nigeria in political sweet spot after election: David McIlroy, Alquity's Head of Africa Investments

David McIlroy, Head of Africa Investments, Alquity

Muhammadu Buhari faces a catalogue of challenges after winning Nigeria’s presidential race, but his victory has put the frontier market on its strongest political footing in years.

That is the immediate verdict of David McIlroy, head of African investments at UK-based boutique Alquity.

In a commentary piece, McIlroy, who runs two funds on behalf of the firm, said Buhari’s victory over incumbent Goodluck Jonathan would not immediately reignite investor interest in the country.

‘President Buhari is saying the right things but talk is cheap and implementation will be key. With expectations so high some disappointment is to be expected as realistically it may take some time to show meaningful improvement in some of the key areas.’

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