Dear Europe: No, you can't have 'your' football back, signed Africa

FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter and South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma at the 2010 FIFA World Cup (Reuters/David Gray)

Like most right-thinking people, I don’t condone corruption and abhor anyone responsible for ruining the integrity of the game that we love.

But a troubling narrative has emerged out of the FIFA corruption scandal.

The story starts with the suggestion FIFA chief Sepp Blatter had been able to maintain his stranglehold at the top of world football due, primarily, to his influence over the “smaller” nations in the game. He acquired this influence, the argument continues, by bribing officials from these small nations who in turn guaranteed him the votes he needed to stay in power.

To fix the game, the ‘big nations’ needed to assert themselves with FIFA, so the argument goes.

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