The role of cities in Africa's rise: KPMG (Infographics & Report)

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New dynamic markets around the globe are offering boundless opportunities. Firms are gravitating towards new markets in the south and the east, where the inflow of foreign direct investment (FDI) are resulting in returns on investment (ROI) far exceeding those of mature markets in Europe and North America.

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Africa is widely regarded as the next frontier of growth and opportunity where firms across a range of sectors are enjoying exponential returns. With a population over a billion and an economy likely to double from US$2 trillion to US$4 trillion before 2025, Africa has quickly emerged as the next great economic hope for the global economy.

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With 54 countries and over 1000 spoken dialects across the continent, Africa is perhaps the most diverse region of all, and certainly one of the most complex investment destinations. While the bullish sentiment around Africa’s rise is well-founded, grasping the nuances and realising the opportunities is essential. This goes beyond country-by-country assessments and digging deeper into the economic energy and growth, that being Africa’s emerging cities. The nature of the business environment in Africa will demand a far more city-centric orientation toward investment decisions and day-to-day business practices.

The role of cities in Africa’s rise: KPMG

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Source: Cutting Through Complexity | KPMG