Nigeria's New Direction: Amy Jadesimi, MD, LADOL (Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base)

Amy Jadesimi, MD, LADOL (Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base)

Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration on May 29, 2015 has taken Nigeria in a new direction, one that is so far characterized by national pride and international confidence.

Off the back of Buhari’s win, Bloomberg and the Financial Times reported that the Nigerian Stock Exchange Share Index had become the best performing index in Africa after an 8% jump, telling Nigeria’s naysayers that its “unfilled potential” could finally be about to be tapped.

Certainly, our story still has its villains – from Boko Haram crippling Northern Nigeria through terrorism, insurgency and fear, to corrupt officials depleting the state coffers from their desks in Abuja or Lagos. The fuel crisis that has now spilled into July, combined with low oil prices and underwhelming economic growth (about 4.5% this year), all add to a challenging situation.

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