Starting Jumia helped us build Nigeria's largest delivery network, say Africa Courier Express Co-Founders Tunde Kehinde & Ercin Eksin

Ercin Eksin (Left) and Tunde Kehinde, Co-Founders and Managing Directors, Africa Courier Express (ACE). Credit:

Tunde Kehinde and Ercin Eksin are the Founders and Managing Directors of Africa Courier Express (ACE). The duo were among the pioneers of e-commerce in Nigeria having been co-founders of Nigeria’s now largest online retailer, Jumia in a garage in Lagos, June, 2012.

Jumia has since grown to become one of the biggest online retail brands in the country.

In this interview, Kehinde and Eksin shared their experience building Nigeria’s biggest online brand played a significant role in inspiring and creating ACE, a solution that has revolutionized the Nigerian logistics industry.

What is ACE?

ACE is an acronym for Africa Courier Express. It is Nigeria’s largest direct to consumer delivery network. We help retailers, banks, insurance companies, and other businesses deliver goods directly to consumers all over Nigeria.

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