New generation of African entrepreneurs lead the way

Change of pace: growing numbers of young Africans have flourishing businesses — Bloomberg/FT

As ever-increasing numbers of cars clog the streets of African cities, trade flourishes along congested highways. Vendors, touting anything from newspapers, to cold drinks, rat poison, mobile phone airtime and cigarettes, weave among the vehicles seeking to catch the eye of motorists inching their way to their destinations.

In city centres and surrounding neighbourhoods, makeshift street stalls offer a wider variety of products — clothes, fresh fruit, rice, sugar, small packets of washing power and other goods.

Such ubiquitous scenes have become the most conspicuous face of business in Africa and of the African entrepreneur. The majority of trade on the continent takes place in the informal sector and traders are often one-man-bands, using their wits to eke out a living in the best way they can.

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