Clock ticking for Nigeria's Buhari

Apart from three appointments – two spokesmen and a chief of protocol – there were no new hirings. It was a puzzling departure from tradition. Since 1999, every new president makes a cluster of top appointments – including national security adviser, chief of staff and military chiefs – within the first 24 hours in office.

On day 30, the Buharimeter showed four promises being “worked towards” Nigerians
 were expecting the rip-roaring pace of a Hollywood thriller from Buhari, who had swept to office on 29 May on a heady wind of change. Instead, they got something something closer to the rough cut of a Nollywood soap opera.

Take the hullabaloo about asset declaration. During the campaign, Buhari promised to declare and disclose his assets. A law is already in place that requires public officials to file an asset declaration form. Buhari later appeared to backtrack, and many Nigerians marked it down as a promise broken.

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