Lagos 2050: How should Africa's biggest city prepare for doubling in size?

Concept image of Lagos, Nigeria from NLE, featured in “Uneven Growth,” MoMA, New York. Credit: CNN

So your city is about to double in size, and it’s happening whether you like it or not. Infrastructure will be strained, sanitation is a concern and children need educating.

What do you do?

For Lagos, this is the question on many experts’ lips; a headache already 17.9 million people large and due to increase twofold by 2050 according to some predictions.

A report last week from the Population Reference Bureau predicts that by 2050 three of the 10 most populous nations globally will be African — with Nigeria at number four. The country’s population is set to rocket to 397 million, bolstered by high fertility rates and consolidated by low net migration. To put this figure in context, by the century’s midpoint, Nigeria’s population would be larger than Central Africa’s in its entirety.

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