Yale School of Management will host this year's Africa Business Practicum next month (Photos)

Participants of last year’s Yale Africa Business Practicum (ABP)

The Africa Business Practicum (ABP) is the 2nd annual Africa-focused symposium hosted by the Yale School of Management’s Africa Business and Society Club. The event will be held in New Haven, Connecticut on Saturday November 7th, 2015.

The Africa Business Practicum is a one-day workshop that will focus on a business case on an organization currently operating in Africa. The workshop will tackle the challenges of doing business in Africa through the lens of an actual company based in Sub-Saharan Africa.

See photos from last year’s event.

Using a “raw-format” case-based approach, invited students from leading business schools will collaboratively explore the challenges and opportunities of doing business on the continent. These students will present their potential solutions to industry experts, faculty and renowned Yale World Fellows with relevant academic and professional experience.

During this workshop, MBA students from leading business programs will have the opportunity to work on hybrid teams of up to 6 students, focused on a specific company problem area. Invited students hail from US-based schools, business schools within the Global Network for Advanced Management and the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network.

The goal of the event is to assemble multiple perspectives on a business challenge, emblematic of the integrated management perspectives approach of the Yale School of Management’s core curriculum. The event will also provide an opportunity for students to start building meaningful relationships with their counterparts at other institutions, both domestically and abroad, who are engaged with issues relating to business in Africa.

The inspiration for ABP stemmed from the need for a more engaging platform for students where they are not just spoken to. While most conferences allow students to sit through panels, ABP provides an interactive experience where participants can be a part of the solution for a real-life business challenge.

The inaugural edition of the symposium attracted 60 students from leading US and African business schools, including Wharton, MIT Sloan, NYU Stern and UCT Graduate School of Business. Teams analyzed the mobile financial services market in South Africa to find innovate solutions around business model sustainability, growth, customer retention and human resource management.

Visit africabusinesspracticum.com to learn more and register in advance.