Afropolitan Tastes: Are you an Afropolitan? By Nnenna Onyewuchi, Founder, Yellow Brick Road

The term Afropolitan has been bandied around since Taiye Selasi used it in a 2005 article. At the time, she was using it to describe young, upwardly mobile, multilingual, sometimes multi-ethnic Africans in the Diaspora. They were citizens of the world with a shared African identity. We have tended to use it a little differently. In conversations with clients, we use Afropolitan in the sense of African + Cosmopolitan; to describe a trend we’ve noticed in Nigeria over the last few years (Naijapolitan just didn’t have the same ring to it).

The Afropolitan trend seems to be the result of two things; the increased exposure of Nigerians (through travel, media, the internet or international brands entering our market) to products and experiences from across the world and a renewed appreciation of local content.

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