Tanzania's Election - Bullish on the Bulldozer: Ryan L. Hoover, Investment Analyst, Africa Capital Group

John Magufuli, Tanzania’s President-Elect

It wasn’t pretty, but John Magufuli ended up winning the most hotly contested presidential election in Tanzania’s history last week. The 56-year-old former Minister of Public Works captured 58% of the vote in a poll that his main rival claimed was rigged.

International observers, meanwhile, described the poll as largely peaceful and organized, but raised concerns about the nullification of results in the semi-autonomous island region of Zanzibar, which the opposition looked set to win.

The East African nation has remained calm in spite of the controversial process. And the main opposition candidate, Edward Lowassa, who defected from the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party just months ago after failing to be chosen as its presidential nominee, does not appear to have popular support to protest the outcome.

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