Nigeria offers investors a unique opportunity for strong long-term growth: Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF (Infographics)

• NGE is weighted heavily towards the consumer defensive and financial services sectors, which are poised to benefit from Nigeria‘s impressive GDP and population growth (population expected to double by 2045).

• NGE is down 50% since July of last year due to the oil price crash and the Boko Haram attacks from earlier this year, creating an attractive, unique entry point.

• The weakness of the Nigerian Naira in 2014 has put downward pressure on NGE, and the central bank is again deciding whether or not to devalue the Naira.

Nigeria is currently offering investors a unique long-term growth opportunity at a great value through the Global X MSCI Nigeria ETF (NGE). NGE has been beaten down recently due to the strong U.S. Dollar, the oil price crash, and Boko Haram. Fundamentally, the Nigerian economy has not significantly changed in a way that warrants the ~50% decline in NGE’s price since July of 2014. This has created a great entry point for investors looking for strong growth potential over the long term with a nearly 4% dividend as an added bonus

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