Dynamic Nigerian diaspora chases glittering ambitions

Aita Ighodaro, Director, Idaro

In her debut novel Sin Tropez, Aita Ighodaro drew on her experience as a fashion model to explore the complex consequences that await three young women lured aboard a playboy’s super yacht by the intoxicating promise of easy money and wild excess.

In her new incarnation guiding investors’ baby steps into Nigeria, Ms Ighodaro takes pride in ensuring business trips to her homeland unfold in an orderly manner precisely at odds with the atmosphere of intrigue and danger evoked in her fiction.

“When my clients come to Nigeria, they feel safe, there’s no big surprises,” she says over brunch at Cecconi’s, a Venetian-inspired restaurant in Mayfair where she often holds meetings. “Call me boring, but that’s a big deal for me.”

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