Leaving the UK and going 'home' to Ghana

A growing number of young professionals born in the UK are choosing to migrate to Africa. Nancy Kacungira went to meet some to find out why.

On a typical party night, DJ Kobby can be found at one of the hottest bars in Accra, showing off some of the skills he honed at clubs in North London.

While he blends in very well with the local crowd and even speaks the local language, he was born, raised and educated in the UK.

When “DJ Kobby” isn’t moving a crowd with music, he’s Kobina Graham – a cultural studies lecturer at the Ashesi University in Accra.

Despite having graduated with two degrees from universities in London, finding a good job 10 years ago proved very difficult; a challenge that provoked him to start thinking about other alternatives.

“I felt that London was kind of grim at the time, it wasn’t exactly a land of opportunity”.

He describes his reasons for choosing to move back to Accra as “push and pull factors”.

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