How South Africa became the new capital of house music

Leading the way is DJ Black Coffee, a colossal figure on the South African house scene. He’s topping the charts and filling dance floors, and often works with many of his musical forebears, such as Hugh Masekela.

It may have started in “The Warehouse” club, Chicago, but the center of the house music world has relocated.

But not to Ibiza. Miami? Not even close. Today the biggest house market per capita anywhere in the world is South Africa.

Home-grown acts such as Black Coffee and Euphonix are world renowned, following a path opened up by the likes of ground-breaking vocalist Lebo Mathosa in the 90s. In November three-year-old DJ Archer Jnr claimed top prize on variety show South Africa’s Got Talent, showing just how embedded the genre is into popular culture.

But how did South Africa get to this point? We take a look at the journey towards cultural dominance, and the influences house music has picked up along the way.


Is there anything more euphoric than a trumpet on a house record? Many a track’s breakdown is indebted to jazz, and in South Africa there’s no bigger name than Hugh Masekela.

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