High life over for Nigeria's 'Big Men' as crackdown looms on big entourages and VIP travel

Goodluck Jonathan (L), former President of Nigeria; and Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria

With their luxury air travel, five-star hotel rooms and vast entourage of hangers-on, the life of a Nigerian politician has long been more akin to that of a rap star than a public servant.

But after decades of draining government coffers with their lavish spending, the country’s political elite are finally having their business-class wings trimmed.

Muhammadu Buhari, the stern former general elected as president in May, has introduced tough new rules slashing the amount that any of his staff can spend on perks such as personal assistants, and foreign travel.

Out goes the days when Nigerian ministers could could act like a state-funded version of Sean “P Diddy” Combs, travelling the world in private jets.

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