Jason Njoku sees huge potential for iROKOtv in Sub-Saharan Africa (Video)

Jason Njoku, Founder & CEO, iROKOtv
Jason Njoku, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of iROKOtv, sees growth potential for the video-on-demand company in Sub-Saharan Africa, where he said a population of about 900 million people has between 25 million and 50 million television households.

With over 5,000 movie titles available, iROKOtv is the world’s leading provider of Nigerian movies, also referred to as Nollywood, online.

“Mobile is the only thing which makes sense [in Africa]” – Jason Njoku, Founder & CEO, iROKOtv

Although the majority of iROKOtv’s current audience is from outside the African continent, iROKOtv has been refocusing its efforts by targeting viewers on the African continent. For example, given that mobile penetration in Africa is much deeper than that of the web, iROKOtv has a mobile-only approach on the African continent. Furthermore, given the breadth of smart phones available on the Google Android platform, iROKOtv’s mobile strategy in Africa is targeted to the Google Android platform. “Android is the only platform which makes sense in Africa,” says Njoku.

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“Mobile is the only thing which makes sense [in Africa],” Njoku adds. “We have realigned our entire company around that reality. So we turned off our website [in Africa]. So our dot com in Africa, you just won’t see it. All you see is [a prompt] to download the Android app.”

“We don’t even have streaming any more [for our app in Africa]. We basically turned that off, as well.” iROKOtv viewers from Africa can download movies, instead of streaming.

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On iROKOtv’s growth prospects, Njoku says: “There are 900 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa … The pay TV entire audience is 16 million paying people. Facebook alone has 120 million people in Africa. Our view is that internet TV, especially on mobile devices, should, for all intents and purposes, be larger than the entire pay TV industry today. There are 16 million people in pay TV. By 2020, they want 25 million. We feel that if internet TV, whether its us or some of the other players out there, we feel that [internet TV] should be significantly larger than [25 million], in terms of orders of magnitude.”

“In 2020, there will be 500 million mobile phones in Sub-Saharan Africa with data on smart devices. They’ll need content. We just want to lead them to that content that they love,” Njoku adds.

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