Funke Opeke: Nigeria's cyber revolutionary

Funke Opeke, CEO, MainOne Cable

The only major road through Lekki is clogged, even on a Saturday afternoon. The expressway through the swampy peninsula that expands the city of Lagos in an easterly direction is riddled with street hawkers peddling red grapes, shoe racks and phone chargers to the cars caught in the hold up.

“Selling imported fruit and Chinese rubbish. Such a waste of initiative,” mutters Funke Opeke from the backseat of the SUV. The driver steers past a junction where a swarm of okada drivers on motorbikes are waiting by the roadside for anyone looking for a ride. “Look, there’s 50 young men right there. Imagine you’d give all of them a six-month course in building affordable housing,” she says.

Everywhere she looks in Nigeria, Opeke notices missed opportunities. But the founder and CEO of MainOne Cable Company also sees ways to address them.

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