Nollywood's French kiss

iROKOtv is the world’s largest online distributor of African content and Africa’s largest internet TV operator.

Nine people sit around the dining table. A deep silence holds the room, the only sound is cutlery scraping against plates. But when Tamara breaks the silence to announce her up- coming nuptials to her half-siblings, her sister Nina suddenly starts coughing and choking, apparently mocking her.

You’ve guessed it: it’s a scene from the hit 2013 Ghanaian-Nigerian comedy House of Gold, in which the siblings, who have just learnt of their father’s terminal illness, try to honour their dad’s dying wish of staying under the same roof for one week.

Until now, though, only Anglophone Africa could get this on the move. But a new partnership is due to change that, extending Nollywood’s finest to a French-speaking audience via a phone app. Nigeria‘s film-and TV-streaming company iROKO and leading French pay-TV provider Canal+ will launch a subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) service for Francophone Africa this year.

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