I want to show that things are never simple: Elnathan John, Author of the novel "Born on a Tuesday"

Elnathan John, Author of “Born on a Tuesday”

What part of Nigeria were you born in, and how much has the country changed since you were a child?

I was born in Kaduna, north-west Nigeria, in 1982. The place used to be very cosmopolitan – people living anywhere and it did not matter who you were. Now, there is self-imposed apartheid. After the 1990s riots, the city split into Christian and Muslim. If you were the wrong religion for an area, you’d have to move house in fear for your life. Today, there is an uneasy calm. Because of segregation, people can gather in their districts and speak out against one another. I think a crisis is brewing. Sadly, the government is not looking into ways of integrating people or bringing Kaduna back to where it was before.

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