Capturing a vibrant, modern Africa: Geoffrey White, CEO, Agility Africa

Much of the world’s perception of Africa is outdated and misinformed. Modern Africa can be very proud of many of its achievements and these should be shown to the world. Too often, the media reports only the bad news from the Continent, when in fact, there is so much that Africa does well and where it is world class, and in some areas, world leading.

Earlier this year, Agility launched a pan-Africa photo competition to highlight a different view of Africa as a dynamic market brimming with opportunity. The Africa 2015 Photo Competition focused on illustrating the real progress that Africa is making. For us, it is an engaging way to encourage amateur and professional photographers to present modern, fast-changing Africa by capturing images that show its successes. The response was over 700 photos reflecting modern Africa submitted to the competition from 33 countries.

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