Fact of the Day: African internet traffic to grow six-fold by 2020

Africa’s internet traffic will grow six-fold by 2020, when the Middle East and Africa internet traffic will be equivalent to 527 times the volume of the region’s in 2005.

Africa will also be the fastest growing region, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index, which covers the years 2015-2020.

Calling Africa “a renowned mobile centric hub”, Cisco says there will be about 1,.5 networked devices per capita in 2020, of which 77% will be mobile. The average mobile connection will be 5Mbps, while fixed broadband speed will increase 2.4 fold, it predicts.

“The digital transformation is happening now for billions of consumers and businesses users across the globe,” says Cathy Smith, general manager for Cisco South Africa. “Increased connectivity and internet usage will positively impact South Africa’s digital migration journey.”

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