10 Myths of Hospitality Development in Africa (Report): Hotel Partners Africa (HPA)

Saxon Hotel, Villas and Spa, Sandhurst, Johannesburg, South Africa

There’s a lot happening in Africa!

In 2015, a survey by W Hospitality Group counted 215 hotels in the chains’ development pipelines, with almost 40,000 rooms. That’s almost 14 per cent more than in 2013, huge growth in the fastest-growing continent.

We’re proud to have been involved in several of these deals. But in addition to our advisory services, helping deals to get done, and hotels to get built, we find ourselves more and more as educators, helping our clients to understand how the global hotel industry works. Many of Africa’s hotel developers are firsttimers, developing their first hotel, and are eager to learn about this unique industry.

Over the course of a year Hotel Partners Africa receives hundreds of enquiries from prospective hotel owners, seeking our advice on how to enter the industry – or in some cases, what they should have done before jumping in feet first!

This little publication is here to help, by describing ten of the misunderstandings, or “myths”, that we come across, and our explanation of how it really happens on ground. We hope you find it useful!

10 Myths of Hospitality Development in Africa: Hotel Partners Africa (HPA)

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Source: News – Hotel Partners Africa