Africa attractiveness program 2016: EY (Infographics & Reports)

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Key Points

  • Economic growth across many (but not all) African economies will remain slower over the next few years.
  • Nevertheless, despite current uncertainties, longer term prospects for growth and investment remain positive.
  • Most African economies are in a fundamentally better place today than they were 15 years ago, and overall growth will remain robust relative to most other regions in the world.
  • Supporting our longer term outlook is the fact that FDI levels into Africa remained relatively strong in 2015 (with a 7% year-on-year increase in FDI project numbers).
  • However, in a context of uncertainty, the opportunities for growth & investment are a lot more uneven than they have been; making investment choices based on fact-based analysis are more important than ever.
  • To support clients in this process EY has introduced a tool – the Africa Attractiveness Index – which ranks countries based on a balanced set of shorter- and longer-term focused metrics (helping to put some of the current ‘noise’ regarding economic performance of some of these economies into a proper context).

We are at an inflection point in terms of the structural evolution of most African economies. Decisions made and actions taken now will determine, which of these economies consolidate the gains made over the past decade as a platform for sustainable growth in coming decades.

Africa Attractiveness Program 2016 – Navigating Africa’s Current Uncertainties: EY
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Africa Attractiveness Program 2016 – Staying the Course: EY

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Source: Africa attractiveness program 2016 – EY – South Africa