How e-commerce can lift Nigeria's economy: Juliet Anammah, CEO, Jumia Nigeria

Juliet Anammah, CEO, Jumia Nigeria

Juliet Anammah, Chief Executive Officer of Jumia, Nigeria‘s leading online shopping platform, cut her teeth in corporate management at May & Baker Plc where she worked for eight years. Her experience in strategic management at Accenture equally molded her for the challenging task of ensuring that Jumia succeeds in Nigeria. In this interview, Anammah talks about the challenges of playing in Nigeria’s e-commerce industry, new projects that her organisation is planning to implement and areas where she expects that government intervention will ensure that e-commerce contributes remarkably to the growth of Nigeria’s economy.

Can you briefly tell us about Jumia’s history in Nigeria?

Jumia started in Nigeria in 2012. At that time, e-commerce did not exist in the form it is today. We had just one hub to serve all the customers in Nigeria. We celebrated our fourth anniversary in April this year and when you look back you will notice that the company has grown remarkably. Today you talk about a site with over nine million visitors per month and over 5,000 active members on our market list. Today the number of SKUs a customer can choose from at any time is about fifty thousand, so we are talking about a significant and remarkable pace of growth.

On the back of that, has been our ability to innovate and adjust to the business environment. When we started there was limited trust in e-commerce, but we were able to bridge those gaps by offering payment solutions that influenced public perception in a very positive way. Now people know that if you order from Jumia it will surely come and the trust level is much higher now than it was when we started. Indeed it has been a tremendous time for Jumia and we are looking forward to many more exciting years ahead.

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