Watch short video of Nelson Mandela's just released first ever interview (Videos)

The Nelson Mandela Foundation recently released video footage which is believed to be Mandela‘s earliest recorded interview. In the brief clip, Mandela says:

“From the very beginning, the African National Congress set itself the task of fighting against white supremacy. We have always regarded as wrong for one racial group to dominate another racial group.


The African National Congress has fought, without hesitation, against all forms of racial discrimination and we shall continue to do so until freedom is achieved.”

The 1956 television interview by Mandela occured during a break of the 1956 Treason Trial, which lasted for over four years.

Mandela’s interview during 1956 Treason Trial break

Prior to the release of the 1956 video, Mandela’s television interview by British broadcaster ITN’s Brian Widlake on May 31, 1961 has long been considered to be the earliest known interview with Nelson Mandela.

Mandela’s interview with Brian Widlake on May 31, 1961
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