Nigeria's Nollywood showcases its massive potential at Toronto Film Festival (Video)

David Oyelewo at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2016

Chidi Mokeme (L) and Ramsey Nouah, in the Izu Ojukwu-directed movie ’76

At times it feels like Nollywood has been around forever, such has been the Nigerian movie business’ impact on pan-African pop cultures and awareness around the world—and in Nigeria itself.

In truth, the modern version of Nigeria’s famed movie industry is less than 25 years old, making it a relative youngster by film industry standards. That might be why this week’s showcase of eight Nollywood movies at the influential Toronto Film Festival (TIFF) feels like a coming out ball for Nollywood to the global movie industry.

For years, the industry has attracted interest globally with an exciting but mixed reputation. Its low-budget, high-volume production levels helped it grow rapidly to become the world’s second biggest movie industry by volume, behind only India’s Bollywood.

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