Linda Ikeji Social: Nigeria's super blogger Linda Ikeji launches social network and will share ad revenue with users (Video)

Linda Ikeji Social is here!

The name Linda Ikeji strikes fear into many a Nigerian celebrity. They’re often petrified their secrets are about be revealed in the powerful one-woman gossip machine that has dominated online media in Nigeria for the last decade.

Ikeji’s legend has been established not just by her canny ability to uncover scurrilous news about the rich and famous, but also because she’s unabashedly shared how financially successful she’s become from blogging, still a nascent platform in Nigeria and an inspiration to many of Nigeria’s teeming youth.

Now Ikeji, 36, is establishing her own blogging and social network platform at Linda Ikeji Social with the promise to share some of the advertising revenue with everyday users of her platform. “Every day, millions of people are on social media,” Ikeji says. “Most of us are there for the great experience but imagine a place where you can get all of that experience and excitement and still make some cool cash?”

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