Safaricom's Little Cab, Kenya's Uber rival, is launching in Nigeria and Uganda

Kenya’s Little Cab app is set to take on Uber in Uganda and Nigeria

Little Cab, the ride-hailing app backed by telecoms operator Safaricom, is slowly giving Uber a run for its money in Kenya.

Since Little Cab’s launch in July, the company has signed up 1,600 active drivers, outnumbering Uber’s just over 1,000 drivers. Uber launched in Kenya in January 2015.

Last month, Little Cab also slashed its charges from 55 Kenyan shillings ($0.54) to 30 shillings ($0.30) per kilometer, with no flat rates or price surges, as is the case with Uber — effectively making Little Cab the cheapest e-taxi service in the country.

The competition between the two companies in Kenya is now expected to go continental, as Little Cab plans expansion into Uganda and Nigeria in 2017.

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