From Wall Street to e-commerce in Nigeria

Olatorera Oniru, CEO, Dress Me Outlet. Credit:

“To scale through the start-up phase is very difficult. It requires a lot of tenacity and, like I always say, it requires experience.”

So says Nigerian Olatorera Oniru. Last year, she left a corporate career spanning years of experience at the Fortune 500 companies Bank of America (Merrill Lynch) and General Electric, as well as Ericsson, the Central Bank of Nigeria and MTN. Why? To head into the less-predictable world of online shopping in Nigeria.

“And I haven’t been happier.”

Oniru’s venture is, a fashion, beauty and homeware e-commerce platform that is promoting goods made in Africa. Since Oniru used her personal savings to launch the site in January, the company has grown to 20 full-time employees. About 80% of sales are currently from Nigeria, with an increasing number of customers coming from the US and other African markets.

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