We Don Blow! The African Music Wave: Lanre Dabiri, Founder, PlayData

Midtown Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Credit: myplaydatacharts.com

I’m at a traffic light, downtown Atlanta last summer and I notice a car that has also stopped for the light beside me playing really loud music. I initially can’t make out the song they’re playing but I can feel the vibration of the bass. Naturally, I turn to see who’s having a party on Peachtree Street and wanting to bother the rest of us well-behaved citizens with their newly acquired sub-woofers, and not to much surprise it was a group of youngins. Looking closer I notice there are 4 or 5 girls in the car and they were not just dancing, they were singing along in what I can only describe as hyper-turnt mode. I smile and look away waiting for the red light to turn green so I could be on my way but then the music was so loud that I was forced to notice the melody, then it hit me. Wait a second, that’s a familiar melody I thought, and just as I was about to roll my window down to be sure, the light turned green and they zoomed off.

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