iROKOtv Co-Founder Bastian Gotter leaves the company to invest in African startups

Bastian Gotter, Co-Founder, iROKO Partners

Bastian Gotter is the Co-Founder of iROKO, the VC-backed African entertainment and tech company that has single-handedly changed the face of Nollywood content distribution.

In mid-2010, when Gotter seed-invested in his friend’s idea to sell African movies online, Gotter had no idea how big a media empire his friend would go on to build. That friend was Jason Njoku, iROKO’s CEO, whom Gotter met while studying at the University of Manchester.

Gotter’s initial seed investment of $150,000 for a 50% stake of iROKO in 2010, as well as Njoku’s shrewd move to bring newly-licensed Nollywood content onto YouTube via an official partnership, saw iROKO grow exponentially. The company attracted the attention of US-based venture capital firm Tiger Global. iROKO closed a $3M Series A funding round at the end of 2011 and Gotter left his job as a London-based Oil Trader at BP and moved to Lagos to take on the role of iROKO’s COO & CFO.

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