Barclays and Barclays Africa Group agree on separation terms

Maria Ramos, CEO, Barclays Africa Group

Barclays Africa Group today announced that it has agreed terms for operational separation with UK-based Barclays PLC, which is reducing its shareholding in Barclays Africa. The agreement is expected to unlock opportunities for Barclays Africa as an independent pan African bank. UK-based Barclays PLC announced last March that it intends to sell the majority of its shareholding in Barclays Africa over a period of two to three years.

Barclays PLC currently owns 50.1% of Barclays Africa. Following the reduction of Barclays PLC’s shareholding below the 50% mark, Barclays Africa will be able to continue using the Barclays brand at its operations outside of South Africa for three years. Barclays Africa will receive certain services from Barclays PLC on arms’ length basis for a transitional period, typically up to three years.

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