African tech startups raise record-breaking $370M in 2016: Partech Ventures (Infographic)

At Partech Ventures, we have been tracking for the past 3 years the dynamics of African tech investment, to better understand the investment landscape on the continent.

Partech’s analysis is based on market research, publicly available data and our trusted relationships within the tech ecosphere. The main purpose of our analysis is to share our findings with the ecosystem as we strongly believe that market data is core to identifying gaps and developing strong alignment of interests between entrepreneurs, investors and other ecosystem players.


For this analysis, we considered data limited to certain type of deals and startups:

1. The numbers only include deals higher than US$ 200K. Smaller deals are harder to keep track of and are outside of our focus.

2. The numbers exclude any grant or debt deals.

3. The numbers also voluntarily exclude what we call “megadeals”, i.e. higher than US$ 100 million. For instance, Jumia’s 2016 mega-deal of US$ 463+ million raised over multiple rounds from AXA Group, MTN, Rocket Internet, Goldman Sachs, Orange and CDC is not taken into account. Large (and excluded from our numbers) outliers total US$ 774 million from 2014 to 2016.

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