Rwanda's President on Africa's Fate in an Age of Trump-Style Populism (Videos)

Paul Kagame, the President of Rwanda, said that he wants to look positively at what might come for his country from the new Trump administration. Mr. Kagame was speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s Investing in Africa conference.
Rwanda is often cited as one of the most ambitious and innovative of Africa’s fast-growing economies. Its President, Paul Kagame, offers a perspective on Africa’s past, a clear assessment of its present and a bold vision of its future.
Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame said that African countries should focus on regional integration. Mr. Kagame was speaking to Wall Street Journal Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker at the Investing in Africa event in London.
Rwanda’s economy is one of Africa’s best performers, and many say President Paul Kagame has played a big role in that.

A former rebel leader credited with helping end Rwanda’s genocide in 1994, Mr. Kagame has championed economic changes that opened up the nation’s economy and created significant growth.

But Mr. Kagame has faced his share of criticism, too, about his grip on power and whether Rwanda offers a level playing field for all investors.

Mr. Kagame sat down with Wall Street Journal Editor in Chief Gerard Baker to discuss, among other things, the move toward populism in the U.S. and Europe and what it might mean for Africa as a whole and for Rwanda.

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